Textility - Mieke Lucia - Wall carpet - Textile design

Textility - Dots 



Textile - Tactility:
Textility is about integrating more textiles in to our interiors.
Studio Mieke Lucia designed a collection of hand tufted wall carpets and textile wall pieces made in collaboration with Tarkett. Tarkett is a global flooring company with innovative flooring solutions and large-scale productions.
Mieke Lucia is making use of the overcapacity from their big carpet orders.
She transforms this semi-manufactured product by using hand tufting tools.
By experimenting with the tufting technique a new form language arises.
Mieke likes to combine craftsmanship and industrial technology in her studio, resulting in vibrant work.


Textility is made in collaboration with Tarkett Nederland, many thanks to the DESSO Design Center!


Interested in a wallpiece from the Textility collection?
Please contact for current stock > info@miekelucia.nl



Textility - Mieke Lucia - Textile design

Textility - Presentation at Dutch Design Week 2019

Textility - Mieke Lucia - Wall carpets - Textile design
Textility - Mieke Lucia - Wall pieces - Textile design
Textility - Mieke Lucia - Wall pieces - Textile design

Textility - Grey Grid + Merge pink/brown at OBJECT Rotterdam 2020

Textility - Mieke Lucia - Wall piece - Textile design

Textility at OBJECT Rotterdam.

2020 started good with a great exhibition at OBJECT Rotterdam. 

Together with Studio Jordi Verbaan we created a strong presentation at this event during ART Rotterdam. 

On show where the wall carpets of the Textility collection and a Growing Textiles acoustic work, together with the sculptural furniture of Studio Jordi Verbaan. Great combination I have to say!

Textility is a growing collection, curious about current available work? Contact the studio at info@miekelucia.nl.

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