photo: Lotte van Uittert

set/styling: Loods 5

Hello, this is Studio Mieke Lucia.

The Arnhem based studio has a playful intuitive approach, working in between the areas of art, craft and design.
Mieke Lucia focusses on custom designs for home and work settings, by enhancing acoustics and adding colour. You can find the results of her material experiments and one of a kind artworks in the webshop.

Studio Mieke Lucia is eager to show the value of textiles in our surroundings. Various natural and innovative materials are used and she finds it important that her designs are durable and there to love and last.

By combining crafts and industrial techniques new potential arise, resulting in clear bold designs.

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Visitting address:

Studio Mieke Lucia

De Kleine Campus

Statenlaan 8

6828 WE Arnhem



Mieke van den Hout

Studio Mieke Lucia / 2023