Growing Textiles Kleine Campus Acoustic Wallpiece

Hey Hue! Dutch Design Week 2022

Hey Hue!

Calming yet vibrate colours, soft hues and blurred edges.

“I have a longing to soften my surroundings, because everything feels more kind when it’s out of focus. An accidental 'pocket picture' became the starting point of the visual language of the textile designs and art prints called Hey Hue!"

Serendipitous softness
A series of accidental smartphone photos of hands, tables and pockets led to inspiring gradual compositions and soft hues. These photos resembled a blurred world, like a misty morning where all shape and colour is softened.
The collection exists of printed (wall) carpets and art prints.

The (wall) carpets are made to order in custom shape and colour.
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Printed carpets "Hey Hue"

Studio Mieke Lucia / 2023