Growing Textiles Wolwerken Kleine Campus Acoustic Wallpiece

Growing Textiles #001 
commissioned work

Growing Textiles, selection of colours

Selection of colours for custom made works

Growing Textiles


Noortje de Brouwer and Mieke van den Hout teamed up during project MÊH, initiated by ArtEZ School of Arts and local sheepfold ‘t Niejboer back in 2014.

The sheepfold asked what to do with the wool of their little sheepflock. The amount of wool is too little for the the big wool industry so it had no purpose and sadly had to be destroyed. This is a big waste of a valuable material.

Experiments with the wool led to a technique to process the big amounts of wool into a colourful and tactile surface.


Growing Textiles was born a year later when the idea emerged to convert this technique into sound absorbing wall pieces. We love to revalue materials and are passionate about sharing our findings with you.

Growing Textiles #011 commissioned work

Growing Textiles #011

commissioned work

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