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Growing Textiles Wolwerken Kleine Campus Acoustic Wallpiece

Growing Textiles #001, commissioned work

Growing Textiles, selection of colours

Selection of colours for custom made works

Growing Textiles nr.012, commisioned work

Growing Textiles

Handmade colourful wall pieces that enhance acoustics and brighten our surroundings.

Growing Textiles started in 2014 when textile designers Noortje de Brouwer and

Mieke van den Hout participated in a project at ArtEZ School of Arts in
the Netherlands. They developed a technique to process big amounts of waste wool into a new way of furniture upholstery.

A year later the idea emerged to scale up and convert this technique into sound absorbing wall pieces.

Growing Textiles is handmade with European sheep wool and a stretch textile.

It is made to order in various shape and colors. With circularity in mind, all parts can be separated from each other and are recyclable.

Every work is a one of a kind, numbered and made with care at Arnhem based
Studio Mieke Lucia.

Please get in touch for more information or your requests.

Growing Textiles #011 commissioned work

Growing Textiles nr.011, commissioned work

Growing Textiles nr.013, made for OBJECT Rotterdam

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